I undertake studies, reports, and comparative analyses (i.e. overview and analysis of activities in different countries), including recommendations and briefs, on various sustainability topics and policies, including governance issues.

Due to the dynamics in the area of sustainable development, e.g. 2030 Agenda and the related SDGs, climate neutrality, the European Green Deal, the Circular Economy, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), sustainable finance, the ESG criteria, etc., there is an ever increasing amount of policies, strategies, stakeholder approaches, practical experiences, and so on. It is, therefore, pivotal to have a solid overview, a clear and structured outline, an in-depth and understandable analysis, as well as a well-prepared set of recommendations.

I have more than 20 years of experience in writing reports, studies and comparative analyses, especially in Europe-wide projects. In addition, I have access to a large network of stakeholders across Europe, which enables me to offer a detailed overview of good practice examples, success criteria, and transformation criteria for a tailor-made application.

These are the services I offer in more detail:

  • Overview and focusing: Clear overview of the study topic, decision on content focus, clear objectives, including first inquiries, establishing contacts to important stakeholders, etc.
  • Analytical criteria: Developing a set of clear analytical criteria, based on the study or report focus
  • Detailed analysis: Detailed analysis on the basis of the focus and objectives of the study, including review of documents and policies, interviews with stakeholders, etc.
  • Interim Report: Written report on the overview of first results of the study, including presentation of first results
  • Final Report: Written final report and final study, including all results, detailed analysis, clear and action-oriented recommendations, policy or company briefs, etc., including presentation of final study and results

I offer my services as a full package (including all the above-mentioned services), but services can also be booked individually or in different combinations.