I combine long-term expertise with
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I offer to you a broad range of different services in the areas of moderation and organization of specialist events; advice, support for, and implementation of, sustainability processes, policies and strategies; organization of effective stakeholder dialogues; conducting studies and research on sustainability topics and policies; as well as network and project management.

I have more than 20 years of experience in sustainable development – as a content expert and policy advisor, as well as in designing and leading processes, strategies, dialogues and exchange formats with different stakeholders.

I would be glad to support you in dealing with important tasks and challenges that you face – together we will find the best solutions and results for you!

UN DESA Global Policy Dialogue on
“The Future of Sustainable Development Financing”, 14 April 2022

I had the great pleasure to moderate the Global Policy Dialogue on “The Future of Sustainable Development Financing”, organized by UN DESA, on 14 April 2022. The event looked at how to overcome the great financing divide that currently exacerbates the divergence in development prospects and threatens to undermine achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Experts from around the world explored how to create reliable access to affordable financing as well as how to improve the international system for resolving situations of unsustainable sovereign debt.

The event also introduced a new report, the 2022 Financing for Sustainable Development Report, prepared by the Inter-agency Task Force on Financing for Development, which has been coordinated by the Financing for Sustainable Development Office of UN DESA.

More information about the Global Policy Dialogues series by UN DESA can be found here.

My current and recent projects

Advisor for the Just Transition Process towards climate neutrality in Montenegro, incl. the development of the Just Transition Roadmap and the establishment of the Working Group on Just Transition of the National Council for Sustainable Development (commissioned by UNDP)

Moderation of the 12th Natural Space Management Forum on “Ecology and Economy”, organized by the Austrian Federal Forests and Austrian Environmental Association (Umweltdachverband).

Moderation of the UN DESA Global Policy Dialogue on “Big Questions about the Global Economic Recovery”, organized by UN DESA

Study on country approaches to the SDGs and Well-being (commissioned by PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency)

Moderation of the UN DESA Global Policy Dialogue on “The Future of Sustainable Development Financing”, organized by UN DESA

International Expert on the Renewal of the National Council for Sustainable Development in Montenegro (incl. the Working Group on Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation), focus on process management, policy capacities, stakeholder participation, institutional and capacity gap assessment (commissioned by UNDP)

Study on Just Transition activities for achieving climate neutrality – overview and good practice examples in the EU and EFTA countries (commissioned by the Austrian Ministry for Climate Action)

Lecturer on “Governance for Sustainable Development” at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna

Moderation of the Upper Austria Future Forum & SDG Business Forum 2022, organized by Upper Austria Business and the Austrian Ministry for Digital and Economic Affairs

Moderation of the European Sustainable Development Network (ESDN) Annual Conference 2021 on “European Recover and Resilience Mechanisms – Challenges in systemic approaches in sustainable development”

Moderation of panel discussions at the World Resources Forum 2021 on the topics of “Green Mining: can we move from vision to reality?” and “Fostering Sustainability in Commodity Trading & Finance: The role of Transparency & Technology”

Moderation at the Bank Symposium Wachau Special 2021 on “Green Banking”

Moderation of the SDG Business Forum 2021, “(Digital) Innovations and New Business Models for Sustainable Global Development”, organized by the Austrian Ministry of Digital and Economic Affairs


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