Video from Events

5th National Resources Forum
“Vision 2050 – How we can achieve the resource turnaround”
in Salzburg, Austria, 3 May 2023

12th Natural Space Management Forum on
“Ecology & Economy”
23 June 2022

UN DESA Global Policy Dialogue on
“Big Questions for the Global Economic Recovery”, 25 May 2022

UN DESA Global Policy Dialogue on
“The Future of Sustainable Development Financing”, 14 April 2022

RE-SOURCING Virtual Workshop,
9 October 2020

18th ESDN Workshop,
24 June 2020

Reports on Country Approaches
to the SDGs and Well-being

I recently finished a study on country approaches to the SDGs and well-being that was commissioned by PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency, the national institute for strategic policy analysis in the fields of the environment, nature and spatial planning in the Netherlands.

The main objective of this comparative study was to investigate how countries strategically implement the SDGs, which concepts/initiatives/activities they apply on well-being and beyond GDP in practice, and how coordination between SDG implementation and well-being is enabled. The study was prepared as background material for a project by PBL on the use of SDGs and well-being concepts for policymaking. The study comes in two parts:

The first report, “Country Approaches to the SDGs and Well-being: Overview Survey on National Activities in Europe and Beyond”, from May 2022 provides a general overview and update of activities on SDG implementation and well-being/beyond GDP concepts, initiatives and activities in 35 political entities, comprising European countries (including two devolved governments of the UK), the European Union, and selected countries beyond Europe.

Please download the first report here.

The second report, “Country Approaches to the SDGs and Well-being: Six Case Studies on Good Practices in Selected Political Entities”, from June 2022 is based on the findings of the first report and includes a selection of six political entities for case studies of good practices on well-being concepts and activities in use, implementation experiences with the SDGs and well-being as well as lessons learned on SDG implementation and well-being activities. The six case study entities that are included in this second report are the European Union (i.e. activities on SDGs and well-being at the EU level), Finland, Ireland, Italy, Scotland, and Wales.

The second report can be downloaded here.