I provide advice for decision-making processes and the exchange with stakeholders in the area of sustainable development. Most, if not all, processes and decisions to foster sustainable development require the active and effective exchange among units, departments, sectors and with stakeholders – internally within an institution/organization, and externally in the interplay with other institutions/organizations.

I offer support for both processes, internal and external exchanges, in the form of individual consultations, seminars and workshops, as well as in the analysis of international, Europe-wide, national and sub-national policies, decisions and stakeholder developments in the respective area.

I have a long-time and thorough experience in advising and supporting different stakeholder groups in decision-making and stakeholder exchange processes, including the coordination of EU projects and the organization of stakeholder dialogues.

My open personality, focused and consensus-oriented approach, expert knowledge on sustainable development policies and processes, as well as my ability to facilitate different stakeholder groups, is an asset that will benefit your decision-making and stakeholder exchanges.

These are the services I offer in more detail:

  • Development, management and facilitation of exchange and decision-making processes for important internal and external decisions, projects, etc.
  • Individual advice on internal and external processes, decisions and stakeholder exchange processes
  • Overview and analysis of policy documents and processes, as well as different stakeholder approaches
  • Organization and moderation of focused and interactive meetings, seminars and workshops to gain knowledge, provide information, exchange on experiences and develop cooperation
  • Facilitation of exchange and dialogue processes between internal units of institutions and/or with external stakeholder groups

I offer my services as a full package (including all the above-mentioned services), but services can also be booked individually or in different combinations.