I support you in the implementation and management of projects in the area of sustainable development. Projects in this area are characterized by the complex nature of interrelated sectoral aspects, and a variety of different needs and stakeholder views. Therefore, it is not only important to develop and implement projects on time and within the given budget. It is paramount to understand the complex interrelationships and comprehensive approaches, as well as having the ability to bring together the right people, tap into the best expertise, and establish a cooperative and effective environment.

I have more than 20 years of experience in managing projects with different actors for various aspects of sustainable development. I have managed large Europe-wide projects and coordinated European project teams. In doing so, I have negotiated and collaborated with many different stakeholder groups, ranging from the European Commission, to businesses, researchers and civil society organizations.

My long-time experience with project management and the actual practical implementation of numerous projects, as well as my structured, focused and open-minded approach, will help you to develop and run effective and successful projects.

These are the services I offer in more detail:

  • Project definition: clear objectives, manageable work packages, as well as realistic time and budget calculations
  • Project planning: project implementation plan, definition of milestones, detailed budget and time planning for the implementation phase, quality and risk management criteria, and team selection
  • Implementation of the project: orientation along clearly defined work packages, implementation of project objectives, coordination of internal team and external stakeholder involvement, organization of meetings and events, content reports and briefing documents
  • Checking progress and interim reports: continuous checks of achieving project objectives, checking budget and time plan, writing of interim reports
  • Finalization of the project and final report: final report (including recommendations, policy/company briefs, etc.), budget report, internal report on lessons learned for future projects.

I offer my services as a full package (including all the above-mentioned services), but services can also be booked individually or in different combinations.